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The road to redemption is obviously paved with a lot of free swag.

Microsoft is hoping to quell the protest, assuage the uproar and make amends with the gaming community the best way most corporations know how: by giving away free stuff. So what is MS giving away? 250 tickets for gamers and Xbox fans alike to attend their live E3 press conference at the Usc Galen Center in southern California.

As noted on Major Nelson's website...
Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.
If you are randomly chosen, you’ll win a single pass to they event. You must be able to be in Los Angeles on the morning of June 10th by 8:30am. Winners will not receive tickets to E3 show floor or any other related events. Winner must be over 18 due to the M rated content that will be shown at the briefing.

Well at least it's confirmed that some of those 15 exclusives will have some legit violence. “Woo” for violence and 'M' rated content. Who's with me? No one? All right, then.

The giveaway is a sign of good faith from Microsoft that they're at least trying to reach to the community. Microsoft has put Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb in charge of dealing with all the community uproar and people raging over the potential violation of consumer rights that hangs in the balance regarding some of the more controversial policies of the Xbox One.

I feel kind of bad for Hryb because this guy was put front and center by Microsoft to take the brunt of all the complaints from people who raged with rightful righteousness after the initial Xbox One announcement. He's done a pretty good job of keeping his cool after taking off time following Microsoft's shutdown of communication and their PR spin posts to retract some of the more damaging details for their recently announced console.

Anyway, if you really want to win one of those tickets and see the Xbox One up close and live in person, be sure to check out all the details over on Major Nelson's website.

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