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Microsoft Punishes Xbox Live Cheaters

All of you sinister Xbox players beware, Microsoft is watching you and they don't take cheating lightly. They're coming after those of you who like to artificially boost your Gamerscore.

In a recent podcast, Stephen Toulouse one of Xbox Live's Policy and Enforcement officers, revealed that Microsoft is taking this matter very seriously. If you're caught, your Gamerscore will be turned to zero and your Gamercard will be branded with a "scarlet letter", It would be quite grand if that mysterious letter was the letter "C" for Cheater.

This whole change in policy was brought about by recent Gamerpoint "glitching" following an update to Gears of War 2. Certain players managed to get the “Level 100 Achievement” far quicker than was physically possible. These players were able to get the achievement through a method called “profile resigning”, which confuses the console into giving you Achievements that have not been earned. They would've gotten away with it, if it wasn't for that meddling Microsoft.

Once you have been officially branded a cheater, you are a cheater for your entire Xbox Live life. In accordance with karma, all of your friends outside the Xbox world will then disown you, your mother will shun you, and you will be left all alone in with only a red letter signifying who you really are: a cheater. Or you can just delete your old account and create a new one.