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Keiji Inafune took to Kickstarter to (re)make the dream game of his mindful desires; the pinnacle of his skill and creative drive. Inafune managed great success during the Kickstarter campaign for the Mighty No. 9, which garnered more than $4 million during its 30 day run on the crowd-funding site.

Today, Keiji took to the public media sphere to give backers a small taste of where the team is with the upcoming Mighty No. 9, and you can check out the first gameplay bits with the embedded video.

Above, the quick clip showcases quite a bit. It's very revealing, to put it bluntly. While the footage may be part of Inafune's D.I.C.E. 2014 Speech, as noted by Insert View, it gives gamers a startling look into some of the core gameplay mechanics present in Mighty No. 9.

For one thing, there's a strong reliance on being able to stun and capture enemies. Shooting them a couple of times stuns them and then charging them captures their energy. It's a very different take on the enemy encounters than what I was expecting. I think it works quite well and it's just different enough to give the game some separation from the typical Mega Man model.

I also wonder if this will work for changing up Beck and Call's weapon loadout? Fighting various enemies and capturing their powers? Or, will it be centered around gathering powers from bosses? I also wonder if you'll have to stun and capture bosses in order to gain their powers or simply defeat them using the traditional method?

Either way, I like how the game is shaping up, most definitely.

The platforming is looking pretty slick so far and the controls come across as responsive and snappy, which is key for a side-scrolling game where challenging 2D obstacles and enemies will sometimes require incomparable twitch skills.

Another thing worth noting is that the look of the characters in the game is not complete. As noted in the video, the final lighting passes haven't been implemented, which means that it's likely the game will look exactly like the Kickstarter concepts by the time the game is ready to land on the hard drives and consoles of eager backers (and gamers).

It will be a while before we see Beck and Call make their appearance on consoles and PC. However, following the development process as it unfolds leading up to the game's release is such an exceptionally exciting thing.

You can keep up to date on the Mighty No. 9 by giving a little bit of time and energy by scouring through the very detailed Kickstarter page.

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