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There's a lot riding on the upcoming Mirror's Edge Catalyst. It's a rebirth of sorts for the brand as DICE puts players in the shoes of Faith before the events of the original Mirror's Edge. The launch trailer for the game delves into Faith's childhood and what led her down the path of a runner in the first place.

As pointed out by Game Informer, the trailer hints at some traumatic and artistic experiences in Faith's life that helped form her ideology on centering her life around parkour. The origins of the tattoo she wears on her arm is briefly hinted at during the closing segments of the launch trailer. Obviously it hints at some kind of trauma that led her to becoming the tattooed up parkour runner that she is.

Leading up to the big reveal that her tattoo was originally on a painting that was shown to her by her mother, we see a lot of small clips from Mirror's Edge Catalyst compiled together that focuses on Faith's fighting ability and parkour skill. She unleashes some devastating combos on the police that look like enthusiast bike riders who took Tron a little too seriously, and we also get to see her perform some daring leaps, jumps and slides across the city of Glass.

Unlike some of the other Mirror's Edge Catalyst trailers that have come before it, we don't see quite as much of Glass as we did in the others. The focus is more-so on Faith as a character. For those of you who played the beta, we see the glimpse of her coming out of the prison facility after paying for the crimes she's committed, and we also see her re-establishing her territory as a prime-time freedom runner.

We get a few clips of the story elements where we see Faith attempting to intervene on another character's behalf, and we also see some brief interactions with her and the newcomer, Icarus.

There's a lot of budding tension between the two characters based on what was in display in the game's closed beta. The early half of Mirror's Edge Catalyst sees Faith and Icarus exchanging a lot of not-so-friendly banter. I imagine things will smooth out between the two free runners as the game progresses.

Opposite of the first title, you won't be using any guns in Mirror's Edge Catalyst. I know they showed the bad guys with guns quite a bit, but Faith is unable to pick them up in the prequel. Instead they've expanded her fighting moves and added in a upgrade system so that players can unlock some of the cool moves she pulled off in the original Mirror's Edge. It's like building the character up to the point of where they were in the first game.

The trailer also makes it known that those of you who are subscribed to EA Access on the Xbox One or Origin Access on PC, will gain access to the game a week before everyone else. It's one of the incentives for paying EA a monthly charge to play their games.

You can look for Mirror's Edge Catalyst to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting June 7th.

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