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On Tuesday Infinity Ward will release the Stimulus Package map pack for Modern Warfare 2 through Xbox Live. That's not the only thing to look forward to tomorrow, though.

According to community manager Robert Bowling's blog, IW will be starting the Double XP period early. It starts tomorrow instead of Friday as planned. Presumably the end date - April 5th - still stands, though.

IW also plans to release an update tomorrow that tweaks the game. The Hardcore Headquarters playlist will be modified to include all of the Ranger maps, and two new playlists (Stimulus and Hardcore Stimulus) will be added so you can play the DLC maps. The One Man Army perk is getting reworked a bit and international matchmaking will be optimized as well. Bowling also promised a few additional code updates to polish the multiplayer experience.

The Stimulus Package is 1200 MS Points ($15) and adds five new maps to MW2's multiplayer. Check out last week's trailer for a guided tour of these maps.

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