Oh man, whether you're still angry at Capcom over the disc-locked content or overworking Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, it's easy to forgive them after seeing the latest debut trailer for one of their biggest selling franchises ever, Monster Hunter 4.

I'm not saying that all should be forgiven regarding Capcom's antics if they haven't truly changed, but so long as there's no disc-locked content or ridiculous stories about over-working employees for Monster Hunter 4, this could easily be the biggest game to come out for the Nintendo 3DS. Check it out below.

Monster Hunter is a huge franchise over in Japan. The game sells like crazy but for some odd reason Capcom has never bothered porting over many of the Monster Hunter games to North American audiences. This is the sort of core game that core gamers would give an arm and a leg for yet it's one of the few titles anyone outside of Japan won't be playing anytime soon.

For those of you wondering what makes Monster Hunter so epic (assuming the trailer doesn't spell it out for you), it's an open-world adventure RPG where you level up your character, gather resources, hunt monsters, craft better equipment, hunt bigger monsters, craft better weapons and continue to move up in the world of becoming a world renown monster hunter. It's an extremely taxing game because of how addictive and methodical it is, and that's one of the reasons gamers love it so much.

Monster Hunter 4 is due out in early 2013, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. You can't learn more about the game unless you live in Japan but we'll do our best to try to bring you updates and news regarding Capcom potentially porting over Stateside.

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