You didn't forget about Monster Hunter did you? Well, I know you didn't forget about the Wii U... Nintendo's little console that could. Capcom released a new trailer and a few screenshots of the upcoming re-release for the Wii U and PS3, giving gamers a look at some of the new content on the way.

Monster Hunter Frontier G isn't a new game in the long running series and in typical Capcom fashion it's basically a re-release of their online offerings... just now for the Wii U and PS3. However, at this point, we all know the Wii U could use way more games and even if Capcom decides to dig deep in the multi-release history of their franchises and pull out something old and favorable... it's better than abandoning the console altogether like EA.

As for the new content revealed in the media assets... Capcom has decided to give gamers a look at the icy snow monster, the Anorpathis. According to Dual Shockers this deadly beast of the snow terrain comes with some powerful land and underwater attacks, using its powerful tail for both mobility and deadly attacks. Making this beast even more deadly is the elongated spiked horn on the front of its head, where it can use it to clear out an area or charge full speed ahead at the player.

The Anorpathis is also a rather speedy beast to be so big. Players will have to make do with traversing the icy tundra and risk their own mobility to overcome this particular beast. However, even with all the dangers that lie ahead, there are obvious rewards available for thwarting this boss monster. Heck, the rewards are made plainly visible in the screenshots below, showcasing some of the armor both male and female monster hunters will be able to reap from the carcass of the Anorpathis.

You can check out an additional trailer for Monster Hunter Frontier G below, along with a nice helping of new screenshots.

Capcom's latest in the online multiplayer rendition of Monster Hunter will be set to release for the PS3 and Wii U later this year. We'll keep you posted on whether the game will receive a localized port... or not.

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