HD home console owners who have been wishing, hoping, praying and dreaming about an HD rendition of Monster Hunter Frontier, well, it’s on its way. Capcom unveiled the first footage of an HD Monster Hunter for the Xbox 360 and sadly, it sort of looks like a Wii port.

For the Wii, Monster Hunter Tri looks amazing. For the Xbox 360 Monster Hunter Frontier looks like an upscaled rendition of the Wii version. Nevertheless, a few obvious changes are present (i.e., clearer resolution, more detailed textures, etc.,) but there are also a few subtle changes embedded within the gameplay as well: Monster show more movement and A.I. routines, and the damage effects are more visible depending on the part of the monster that’s hit.

You can check out the Japanese debut trailer for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Frontier below. You can expect to hear more about a North American release date probably sometime in the second half of 2010.

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