In the spirit of cleanliness and healthy living, it looks like the hero of Germinator is going to be receiving a bit of company in the near future as Ms. Germinator gets ready to launch on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

The original Germinator, released earlier this year on the PlayStation Network, put a unique spin on the brick-breaking, Bubble Bobble formula by having the player blast germs into oblivion. Landing like-colored germs alongside each other actually made them combine and grow bigger until they exploded, taking out other like-colored germs and possibly chaining explosions along the way. A race against the clock, the object of each level was to clear all of the germs before the rising noxious gas at the bottom of the screen forced the germs up to the top of the screen.

Germinator became a bigger hit once the game became one of the monthly PlayStation Plus givaways and, now that the series has won over more fans, it's time for Ms. Germinator to step in and get to busting viruses herself.

Creat Studios' Jason Benham introduced the game on the PlayStation Blog, filling in the details as to what players can expect out of this latest germ-infested puzzle romp.

“When game sequels start with 'Ms.,' you should generally expect a similar, but better, game than the original,” Benham said. “And that's absolutely the case with Ms. Germinator. She'll be arriving on the PS3 and PS Vita very soon, with more power-ups, more modes and, well, more style than her gruff counterpart.”

Germs are spreading all over the house this time around, giving stages a theme such as keeping them away from your freshly prepared dinner, out of the dog's food bowl, etc. The reveal post states there are “literally hundreds of challenging levels” to tackle, so this one should keep you busy for quite a while.

Also, Ms. Germinator will be a cross-buy game, so pick it up for the PS3 or Vita and you'll be able to download it at no additional charge. With a release date of “very soon,” look for it on the PlayStation Network, well, very soon.

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