What's it called again when you give money in exchange for a service but the person you give the money to takes it, run down the street, smiling and waving about free money while you stand there feeling like someone pulled your pants down in the middle of the street? I think they call that being scammed. Well, another bug has been making the rounds for EA's recent NHL 13, which sees gamers buying boost packs from EA's store but not actually receiving the packs, resulting in a loss of MS Points and no refunds in sight.

This news follows in the footsteps of complaints that users are unable to enjoy NHL 13's HUT mode or Hockey's Ultimate Team mode, mainly because gamers are reporting that they are unable to earn puck points due to a glitch, resulting in gamers having to pay real money in order to keep progressing in the mode.

There are continuous complaints on the EA forum board about users purchasing boost packs from the microtransaction store but the transaction not going through completely, resulting in players losing MS Points and not receiving the items they paid for. This issue has been ongoing since last year's NHL 12 outing and hasn't been fixed since.

One user expresses his disappointment as “surreal”, saying...
I've bought 5 packs, and 2 of them didn't download forcing me to dashboard. The fact that they don't give me my MS points back or at least give me the pack back is freaking surreal. I am returning the game and calling the EA manager to let him know the problem. I can't be bothered to continue feeding them my MS points and hard earned money to keep them going if they can't fix a simple problem.

An EA forum administrator later popped into the post to ask for select information regarding the problem so EA could pinpoint what was really wrong. Basically it derailed it from people talking about the issue and instead had them just posting their information. Another thread was also suggested for users to visit but if you click on it there's basically just a dead end.

This issue has been persistent since the original NHL 12's release on September 13th, and the problem has carried over into NHL 13.

Some users have suggested to contact Microsoft to get the MS Points reimbursed given that's where most of the issues are coming from and also considering that EA doesn't deal with issues involving MS Points. The problem, however, is that some gamers ran into the problem of Microsoft not willing to refund MS Points because it could be a scam on the user's end, thus, you'll need a reimbursement recommendation or audit sheet of your MS Point expenditure from EA to confirm that you spent MS Points in NHL 13 and are legitimately entitled to a refund.

One user posted part of a response from the EA support staff who responded to the issue of missing MS Points, saying...
Unfortunately, support staff cannot alter or modify stats, ranks, or any other permanent online record. The collection of this data is very complex, and as you can imagine with the popularity of our games, an immense undertaking. There is simply no way we can adjust every players score, though we would love to. We do however, review every claim and report so that we can identify any potential issues.

At times the servers which collect stats and calculate statistics, rank, or level may get back logged or suffer an unexpected short outage (such as an un-scheduled maintenance). This means your progress may take several hours (possibly even a day or more) to fully update and be displayed. Stats in certain situations, can even be lost if they were to be collected at the end of the round if the server goes offline temporarily. Though EA has tried to reduce the possibility of these issues and create systems and redundancy for data loss, the dynamic environment of both the Internet and Multi-player games of this type can create unforeseen or even unfixable issues.

Because obviously, missing MS Points is the same as altering your online player record?

The thread has continued on for the past year, covering both NHL 12 and NHL 13 where players are losing money and patience and put on a long waiting list to acquire a refund from either EA or Microsoft. Only a handful have actually reported that they were reimbursed, but usually with a catch or two, such as not getting all their points back or still failing to receive the goods they purchased.

One user simply rages out, wishing for a class-action lawsuit...
JUST LOST ANOTHER ONE!!!!! COME ON YOU [email protected] FIX THIS!!!!!!!! I just gave you guys another $3.49 for a premium Gold Jumbo Pack. Just got stuck "loading." I swear we need a class action suit. EA is STEALING our money. Just taking it. I am so furious right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EA has yet to respond to our inquiry into the problem, nor have they made any statements about the missing money that NHL 12 and NHL 13 is taking from gamers while offering nothing in return.
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