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Creators of the endorphin and euphoria engines, NaturalMotion, has announced that the new morpheme next-generation animation tool-set is now available for high-end platforms. These flexible authoring tools will now enable developers to fire all those hard-to-work-with motion-capture actors.

“We developed morpheme to improve the workflow for next-generation game developers,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “By backing up a next-gen animation engine with a strong 3D authoring application, animators and programmers are now able to work hand-in-hand, in real time, to create fluid in-game animation that truly reflects the quality of the source data.”

Unlike the euphoria and endorphin SDKs, the morpheme doesn’t utilize DMS technology. Instead, NaturalMotion’s latest technology works hand-in-hand with the euphoria and endorphin tool-kits. Just think of the amazing possibilities developers can turn out with M&Ms. You know, morpheme and morphine? :P

Below is a list of features for the morpheme. And you can visit the Official Website For NaturalMotion’s morpheme for further details and information.

morpheme features:


• lightweight run-time animation engine
• optimized for PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and PC
• fully customizable blend nodes
• full hierarchical finite state machine
• euphoria support
• full source code supplied


• modern, fully scriptable application
• 2D and 3D viewports for authoring and visualization
• graphical authoring of transition graphs and blend trees
• real-time manipulation through sliders and instrument panel
• on-target viewer
• support for live game pad control
• script support (Lua)
• fully extensible through plug-ins
• euphoria support