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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Launch Trailer Touts Critical Praise

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is mere days from release so EA has decided it's launch trailer time. The last preview video for the racing game shows a high-speed street race interspersed with press quotes.

Most Wanted sets players loose in Fairhaven City. Players will compete in street races across the city while evading the police. It's up to them to choose their route to the finish line and, if need be, they can drive through billboards, fences and other obstacles to get there.

The trailer notes that IGN called Most Wanted the "ultimate social game" and GameStop deemed it "damn good." They also point out Edge's 9/10 review score. Apparently that's the only review published thus far. The score seems kind of promising, as Edge is the sort of publication that would give 7/10 to Steak And Blowjob Simulator 2012.

Most Wanted will launch on October 30th in North America. Australia and Europe will receive it on November 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.