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EA announced today that they're rebooting the Need for Speed franchise this fall. They've released a trailer with some in-game footage of the new racing game in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The trailer's accompanying press release outlined what we can expect from the Need for Speed reboot: an open-world street racing game with plenty of customization options and an "immersive narrative" tying the whole experience together. One of the customization options is highlighted in an early image: decorative lights for your grill.

Need for Speed's reboot is in development at Ghost Games. The studio, formerly known as EA Gothenburg, was responsible for the 2013 release Need for Speed Rivals. They've taken over leadership of the NFS series from Criterion Games. Criterion, best known for making the Burnout series, is now focused on making a brand-new IP. Ghost Games co-developed Rivals with Criterion so this reboot will be their first time creating a game in the series on their own.

"Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names in gaming, and we're returning it to greatness in this reboot,” said Ghost Games executive producer Marcus Nilsson. "Pulling on our 20 years of history, and then taking a year out from releasing a game, we are making the game we’ve always wanted to. We're listening to the fans and delivering an experience that will capture their imagination and unleash their passion for cars and speed."

Speedhunters, the car culture site owned by EA, will be helping Ghost Games ensure that the game is as authentic a depiction of the "urban car scene" as possible. In announcing their work on the NFS reboot, Speedhunters mentioned that the game has "deliberate cherry-picking of some of the best bits from the last two decades worth of titles." They also promised to share some behind-the-scenes stories about the development as well.

We'll see much more of the game on June 15th. EA plans to share the full gameplay trailer on that day, most likely during their E3 press conference.

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