The PlayStation 4 launch is officially behind us and, for the most part, it’s back to the regular routine for gamers. Sure, it’s nice to have a shiny new console to enjoy, but now it’s time to talk games, games, games. But while one of this week’s new offerings are for the PS4, the PlayStation 3 and Vita crowd should keep pretty busy this week with plenty of new content to dive into.

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly expecting to see a whole bunch of games for the PS4 to arrive this quickly after launch. We got 23 games for that console just a couple of days ago, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to only see NBA Live 14 joining the fray for Sony’s new home console.

Also worth pointing out is the curious absence of Tearaway, which is set to arrive this Friday, Nov. 22. Perhaps its not being a part of the Tuesday batch of releases explains why it is not included in this week’s The Drop, but that’s only the first of my concerns. Not only is Tearaway not coming out when gamers expect to see new releases, but now it’s launching day and date with the Xbox One. I’m sure there’s some sort of marketing strategy at play here, I just hope the game doesn’t get completely lost in the shuffle. Our Tearaway review will go live Wednesday, and let’s just say that it’s definitely a game you’ll want to keep on your radar.

But between now and then, a new Vita title and a bunch of new PS3 games will be ready to keep you busy into the wee hours of the morning. While The Amazing Spider-Man finally arrives on Sony’s portable console this week, the now “last gen” PS3 is putting up quite a good fight to remind everyone that the console is still a very viable form of entertainment.

First up is Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I don’t Know!, which hopefully offers gameplay as intriguing as its own title. Air Conflicts: Vietnam also hits the PS3 this week, alongside new Atlus fighting game, AquaPazza.

Arcania: The Complete Tale offers up a new action-oriented RPG experience as Bandfuse: Rock Legends gives up to four players the chance to rock out with guitar, bass and vocals.

Blood Knights is a vampire-infused hack-and-slash offering with drop-in/drop-out cooperative play, while PS4 launch title, Contrast, will make the jump over to the PS3 this week.

If you’re looking to beat the crap out of endless hordes of enemy soldiers, then you’ll likely want to check out Dynasty Warriors 6 this week. If, however, you would prefer to drive a tractor (you crazy person), then maybe Farming Simulator for the PS3 is more your speed.

Need for Speed: Rivals also makes the shift from PS4 to PS3 this week, alongside the highly anticipated retro fighter, Soulcalibur II HD Online.

Finally, Stick it to the Man takes players on a wild adventure game quest this week, alongside the likes of The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition, Worms Revolution Collection and Young Justice: Legacy.

Look for all of that to go live alongside the usual batch of demos, videos and DLC as soon as the PlayStation Network updates tomorrow, Nov. 19. And seriously, don’t forget about Tearaway this Friday. It’d be a shame for one of the only big Vita launches of the season to get buried under the launch of a new console.

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