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Perfect World and Arc Games have announced that the latest expansion pack for the free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter is going to focus on strongholds. Players will join with their guild mates to take over abandoned settlements and build them up to represent the glory and strength of the guild.

A brief announcement trailer was released to give gamers a look at the upcoming new mode, which you can check out below.

Over on the official Arc Games website, they laid out the basic details for the new expansion, where they explained that guilds will venture out into the largest map in Neverwinter, take control of keeps from the wild mobs and then build up the keep to add defenses to protect the people and fortify the stronghold from potential invaders. They didn't exactly detail what sort of defenses will be made available in the game but I imagine anti-siege walls and blockades would be a start.

Guilds in Neverwinter will have to not only defend the strongholds from potential NPC raiding parties but also from other player guilds as well.

Strongholds are like one step away from realm-vs-realm fights, which are always entertaining. But realm-vs-realm is likely a pretty long ways off from making its way into the game due to the hardware and complexities involved with realm-vs-realm bouts. Nevertheless, fighting and keeping strongholds is always a nerve-wrecking thing in most MMOs because sometimes you never know when the enemy will attack, or attempting to organize the guild to prep for stronghold attacks was usually a logistical nightmare. That's not to mention that really high-level, high-powered guilds usually have websites with scheduled charts where users have to sign in and register to participate in guild events. Yeah, some people get really heavy into the MMO scene.

As for Neverwinter, it's a property based on a recognized name with hints of non-targeting elements from the MMO sub-genre. For those who don't know, non-targeting MMOs mean that players can attack enemies using manual targeting or cursor control, as opposed to tapping the 'Tab' button on the keyboard and automatically locking onto a target. Neverwinter still has tab-targeting but you can also roll out of the way and move around a bit more than the typical MMORPG.

Neverwinter isn't quite as hardcore as some other non-targeting MMOs out there, though, and the skill ceiling and learning curve is definitely lowered so more casual gamers can get into the gameplay without feeling as if there's months' worth of data to learn. Of course, if you're looking for something with the same level of skill depth as say RaiderZ, Dragons Nest or Vindictus, you won't find it in Neverwinter.

You can get in on the MMO action with Neverwinter right now or look to experience the stronghold battles soon enough. If you don't have anything against Perfect World Entertainment or free-to-play MMORPGs, you can give the game a test run right now by heading on over to the official website and downloading the game.

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