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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 developer Infinity Ward's next game might not be coming to Xbox 360 or PS3. A new job listing from the company says that they're working on "an exciting unannounced title for next generation console systems."

The job listing is for a Senior Network Engineer. Therefore, it's a game with online play. The ad mentions that the ideal candidate should have an "interest in games, preferably first person shooters."

Does anyone think that they're making something other than a Call of Duty game? Anyone? It's the only series that the company has worked on since it was founded in 2002. Considering how huge of a franchise Call of Duty has become for Activision, I doubt IW would be allowed to stray from it.

Infinity Ward and Treyarch have typically tag-teamed Call of Duty. This year Treyarch will release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Perhaps we'll see this next-gen COD from Infinity Ward in 2013, then. Many reports have suggested that the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles will be available in 2013, after all.

Barring a leak, we probably won't hear about Infinity Ward's game for awhile. The next generation of consoles - other than the Wii U - haven't been announced yet so they have to wait on Microsoft and Sony to make their reveals. Also, Activision generally doesn't announce a new Call of Duty until six or seven months before they plan to release it.

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