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Love your Wii but wish you could use an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller with it? Well, Nintendo's just revealed a new gamepad that comes pretty damn close to that goal.

The Nintendo Wii website (via Shacknews) now lists a gamepad called the "Classic Controller PRO." Like the Classic Controller from 2006, it plugs into the Wii Remote and sports two analog sticks, a D-pad, A/B/X/Y face buttons, L/R shoulder buttons and and two Z buttons next to the L and R. However, the Classic Controller Pro also sports an extra set of L/R shoulder buttons behind the first pair and hand grips.

The controller is scheduled for a Summer 2009 in Japan. The Classic Controller can be used for Virtual Console games and select Wii titles so that's probably the intended function with this one, too.

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