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The upcoming Feudal strategy game for the PlayStation 4 set for release in late February to launch alongside Sony's latest console in Japan, has been confirmed to run at native 1080p and it will run at a sparkling 60 solid frames per second.

DualShockers picked up notes from a Famitsu interview, where the producers from Nobunaga's Ambition, Ko Shibusawa and Kenichi Ogasawara, spilled the beans on what it meant to bring the game to Sony's new generation console, as well as how they achieved the Holy Grail of new-gen gaming, hitting the sweet spot of 1080p and 60fps.

Shibusawa commented about bringing the game to the PS4, first saying...
“The first reason is that we’d like PS4 users to be able to enjoy Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation as well. Secondly, we always want to challenge the newest technology and support the newest game consoles. Since PS4 is the highest peak of current game consoles, we’d like to release something new to support it.”

Ogasawa also chimed in about the difference in playing a game at 30 frames per second and experience the gloriousness of 60 frames per second – the latter of which is something many within the regime of the Glorious PC Master Race experience on a normal basis, but is a rare and oftentimes under-utilized event on the console-side of gaming...
“Since I’ve also worked on action games so far, I’m very aware on the difference in feeling and gameplay impression between 30 and 60 FPS. With the PS4 version of Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation, while the systems of the game are the same as the PS3, I think the feelings of immersion and realism have grown considerably. It leads to an improvement of how dynamic and dramatic it is.”

As for the game's 1080p native resolution, this was confirmed by Tecmo Koei to DualShockers, where the company made it known that indeed, the game would manage the sort of play-rate that can hardly be achieved on the Xbox One in regular outings. In fact, the Wii U seems to have less problems hitting 1080p at 60fps than its Microsoft rival.

The battle of resolutions certainly won't end and combining framerate and resolution to double the visual experience will only further work in Sony's favor. After the fallout of Resolutiongate, it became rather obvious that there was a disparity between the hardware capabilities of both Sony and Microsoft's systems, despite the media trying to download the differences.

Based on recent CPU benchmarks, previous GPU benchmarks, and overall APU testing, it has become rather obvious that the PS4 will completely out-muscle its console competitors this generation around. The likely thing for Microsoft to do is take a page out of Nintendo's playbook and actually focus on working with developers to make top-notch, classic, nostalgic experiences that will stand the test of time. Otherwise not only will they lose out to Nintendo and their stellar 2014 line-up of purebred gaming titles, but they'll also lose out to Sony who is pumping out both high-end visual titles and gameplay-oriented releases as well, covering each and every notch on the gaming spectrum.

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