Nun Attack is headed to the PlayStation Vita tomorrow, bringing strategic gunplay of biblical proportions to the palm of your hands.

Frima Studio is keeping the Vita love flowing this week, following up their recent announcement that Zombie Tycoon 2 is on the way in late April with this latest statement on the PlayStation Blog that its hit mobile game, Nun Attack will be shooting up the PSV come tomorrow afternoon.

According to Frima’s Laurent Mercure, eons have passed since the Fallen Nun has pretty much ruined the world of man, unleashing all manner of evil upon the globe. The player’s job is to take on the role of Eve the leader, Rosy the slayer, Olga the tank and Mandy the healer, a group of badass nuns toting even more badass guns. You’ll guide your divine combatants using touch controls against hordes of monsters in order to once again restore the world to order.

Nun Attack for PS Vita isn’t a simple port,” Mercure explains. “We’ve adapted the game to provide a great experience on the handheld. We’ve upgraded the graphics a notch and entirely redesigned the difficulty of the levels since we’ve removed all of the micro-transaction mechanics.”

Players who download the game through the PlayStation Network can expect 40 missions in total, along with more than 80 guns to unleash upon your enemies, many with special effects like stun, slow, fear, etc. There’s also seven miracles to cast, helping turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Look for Nun Attack to hit the PlayStation Vita tomorrow afternoon for $2.99.

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