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Capcom sent out a somewhat startling press release announcing that a new fighter is joining the ranks of the Super Street Fighter IV crew and it’s a Turkish oil wrestler.

According to the press release…
, Ono-san officially unveiled the final new character coming to Super Street Fighter IV … Hakan. A newcomer to the Street Fighter universe, Hakan is an oil wrestler hailing from Turkey. Using lubricant to assist in battle, Hakan has some of the most insane moves and Ultra combos in the series.

I hope I’m not the only one who notices that this Hakan guy and his oil lube is a little creepy? Anyway, one of the things that lessen his “ew” factor is the fact that he doesn’t look too much like a perv but more like a sun-burnt tomato on steroids.

Of course, this news would be pointless if we didn’t yield a few screenshots of this Hakan guy to readers. So you can check out the new screens of the burly oil wrestler below or visit the Official Website for more info on Super Street Fighter IV. In the meantime I’m going to keep on trying to figure out what made Capcom go with a Turkish oil wrestler…

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