Best described as X-Com meets Mafia, Omerta: City of Gangsters is revving up for a late January release on Xbox 360 and PC via Steam. The turn-based, city simulator that takes place during the prohibition era of 1920s Atlanta is currently on sale on Steam prior to release with 15% off the original purchasing price if you pre-order now.

I always thought pre-order sales make the most sense when selling a game, because it's asking gamers to commit to an untested and unproven product. Paying $60 up front always seemed a bit ludicrous in my opinion as you have no idea what you're getting until you get it. However, discounted pre-orders for upcoming games makes for a snazzy way of giving early adopters something special for jumping in before anyone else without necessarily diminishing the value of the product on its day-one release.

Well, with Omerta, you can grab the game for only $33.99 instead of $39.99 for PC via Steam's special promotion. You can check it out in the trailer below.

Now I can't advise that it's some great fantastic deal in the case of Omerta because it really is an unproven and untested IP, it could be cool or it could be a turd but I'm holding out hope that it's cool because a gangster themed, turn-based action-strategy game with overlaying simulation elements is just such an underused concept in today's gaming climate.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website or visiting the Official Steam Page.

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