Kalypso Media let loose a new trailer for the upcoming, turn-based, action-strategy game set within 1920s Atlanta City, Georgia. The trailer briefly details how players can customize the personality and style of their head honcho and give the boss a little bit of personality on the rise to power.

Omerta: City of Gangsters has been making its way through the news media while picking up interest from eager gamers along the way. Turn-based strategy games have become a bit of an endangered species in the world of interactive gaming, so a lot of gamers were just excited that the old X-Com mechanics motif was making a return to form for both PC and console.

As for the trailer below, you can scope out the character profile creation and how to recruit some members of your illustrious gang below.

Omerta: City of Gangsters is scheduled to launch this week for PC and Xbox 360 in both Europe and America. If you've been itching for some classic turn-based gameplay but haven't been thrilled with the offerings as of late, at least you'll get a little bit of something-something with Omerta. Whether or not the game will be as good as some of the classics before it remains to be seen.

For more information on Omerta: City of Gangsters be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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