Finally, a video game is coming down the pipeline that tasks players with literally thinking outside of the box. It’s called Open Me!, and it’s headed to the PlayStation Vita later this year.

The basic premise of Open Me! is similar to that of the hit mobile game, 100 Doors. Each level of this augmented reality game offers the player a different box that needs to be opened. It won’t be as simple as flipping open a lid, however. Each box in this Vita exclusive is cleverly designed so that the player must investigate clues, disarm traps or conduct a specific series of actions before it will open.

As I said, Open Me! is an augmented reality game, meaning you’ll be using the Vita’s cameras, tilt and touch features to look at each box from all sides before beginning to crack it open. According to the game’s official announcement on the PlayStation Blog, challenges include stacking colorful boxes from the inside of a large box, spinning propellers or disarming a security system. There’s even a multiplayer option that requires players to work together in order to synchronize actions.

According to SCEA Assistant Producer Dais Kawaguchi, Open Me! has been building up quite a bit of buzz since it was first shown off during Tokyo Game Show in the fall. It will also be available to play during this year’s GDC event and coming to U.S. Vitas sometime later this year as a PSN download.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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