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One of the only exclusive new IPs announced for the PlayStation 4 at this point, The Order: 1886 looks to be coming along quite nicely in the latest trailer revealed by Ready at Dawn, highlighting a bit of the titular Order’s history and showing off a brief glimpse of one of the in-game cinematics. It looks like players will spend a lot of time shooting at things that go bump in the night.

Until recently, Ready at Dawn was best known for their work on Sony’s portable consoles, specifically the PSP God of War games. They decided it was time to make the jump to console, apparently, and rather than build a new game for the PlayStaiton 3, the team instead decided to aim for the fences and design a brand new game for the recently launched PlayStation 4.

Not only is this a new game, though, but an entirely new IP. The studio had free reign to build whatever it wanted this time around and, as a result, it looks like PS4 owners will be taking on the role of operatives from an ancient and mysterious organization sworn to defend mankind from the creatures of evil. Based on various bits of other media we’ve seen concerning the game, we know that The Order: 1866 is a third-person shooter blended with some melee combat goodness. The weapons are a bit old-school, however, which will help set the game apart from other titles in the genre. Really, from the setting to the tone, characters and branching action paths, it’s hard to compare The Order to any other shooter, which is a pretty great thing in my book.

Here’s a quick look at the E3 2013 trailer, which happens to be heavy on CG action with zero gameplay footage.

The new trailer (the one posted at the top of this article), first popped up earlier today on the PlayStaiton Blog. Ready at Dawn CEO and Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya was also on hand to fill in a few additional details, explaining that The Order portrays an alternate history for mankind.

The Order is apparently at war with a race of creatures known as “half-breeds,” a conflict that has raged for centuries.

“But everything changes with the advent of the Industrial Revolution,” Weerasuriya explains. “The tide of war shifts as the Knights finally bring the battle to the half-breeds with the help of new weaponry.”

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