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Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got an extremely brief look at a game that will likely force gamers to sleep with the lights on come next Halloween. Get ready for Outlast II.

The first trailer for Outlast II is a teaser in every sense of the word. Clocking in at just over a minute, we get a small amount of imagery that likely points to some of the focus of the plot, as well as a vague launch window of “Fall 2016.” That leaves plenty of time for Red Barrels to scare up some additional details, screenshots and trailers but, in the meantime, get ready to run for your life all over again.

The original Outlast was a clever psychological thriller that reminded us all that the survival horror genre is far from dead and buried. While Silent Hills is on the rocks and the latest Resident Evil games are moving in a decidedly different direction from their forbearers, there are plenty of smaller studios out there that remember how much fun it can be to scare the crap out of players.

From Slender to Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia to Until Dawn, there are still plenty of ways to get the blood pumping with a good scream or two.

In case you missed out on the original Outlast, the player took on the role of a driven journalist who, following some vague clues, decides to investigate an old asylum where bizarre experiments are being conducted.

Like a proper survival horror game, Outlast never really makes the player feel empowered. Your camera and its helpful night vision mode run off of diminishing batteries and your greatest form of defense is to run like mad and try to hide. You know you’re in for a good scare when a tutorial explains that you can push a certain button to look over your shoulder while running. I like to call that the “Nope” button, because that’s what I kept yelling while fleeing the asylums many deadly inhabitants.

Based on what little we’ve seen from Outlast II, I think it’s a safe bet that the story will have a religious focus this time around, perhaps diving into the psychology that drives one to seek out and/or betray a higher power. Horror and religion tend to get along exquisitely in these types of games, though, so I’m excited for where this next tale of terror might take us.

Speaking of Outlast, is anybody playing it as part of their Halloween festivities this year?