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It seems like just yesterday everyone was introduced to a very brief and vague teaser trailer from the sequel to the original Outlast game. Now, developer Red Barrels has released a video showing off almost five minutes of terrifying gameplay. You can see the video below.

The video depicts a horrifying and unsettling chase through a cornfield. There are some very familiar mechanics involved, like the use of the camera. In Outlast, the camera was really your flashlight. It was a means of getting through the darkest parts of the map, but you have to keep up on getting fresh batteries, otherwise you’ll be wandering around in the dark for good. Another game mechanic returning is the act of hiding from your enemies. In Outlast, you had the opportunity to hide in things like lockers or under hospital beds when you were running from an enemy. It seems in the sequel, you have a different array of hiding places, like in empty, rusted barrels and underwater in a feeding container. And while the corn might seem like a okay place to take cover, it’s probably the worst part of this chase scene. At any unsuspecting moment, someone could sneak up behind you from between the corn from any direction.

While we couldn’t see the enemies in the cornfield with the searching flashlights, we can predict that the enemies are of Southern descent, and are out for blood. If I had to guess, I’d say the enemies are either part of a crazy Southern cult (because of the man shouting and chanting with a Southern twang in the background) or a bunch of crazy hills-people out to catch their dinner, very much like the plot in Wrong Turn. I wasn’t a huge fan of Outlast in the beginning, mostly because I got mad when I had reached the end of the game and was outside the asylum, and then I ran out of batteries and couldn’t see anything to find more batteries. But Outlast did do a good job at scaring me, I’ll give it that. So I’ll be interested to try Outlast 2 to see how it measures up to the first game. If you really feel like you need more of Outlast 2 gameplay, then we've got a surprise for you. You can check out yet another gameplay video below.

Video courtesy of GamesRadar

Outlast 2 still is aiming for a release sometime this Fall. For more information, you can visit the official website.

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