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Your best moments in Overwatch will be less fleeting if Blizzard’s dev team has anything to say about it. They’re currently working on an upgrade to the Highlights system that we think fans of the fast and furious shooter will be quite fond of.

Over on the Overwatch forums, user WeeCapo asked the dev team why the Highlights options were so limited. In the original comment, they state that only one Highlight is available, which Game Director Jeff Kaplan quickly corrected and even added a bit of extra info to.

According to Kaplan’s explanation, Overwatch currently temporarily archives five Highlights from a player’s last session. If you only played one game in that session, you’ve only got access to that one Highlight. Play up to five and you’ll have five. Play more than five and the system will replace the oldest with the newest.

However, if you log out of the game and come back later, you’ll discover that those Highlights are no shows, freeing up space for your next batch of big in-game moments.

While folks wanting to save all of their important highlights can capture it with some additional equipment, Kaplan explains that the goal will be to make that necessity a thing of the past. He says that the team is currently working toward allowing players to simply save Highlights or export them to a video format to be used however the player sees fit.

Honestly, that kind of functionality seems like a real obvious inclusion for a game like Overwatch, where players are bound to have a near endless stream of epic moments they’ll want to share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, their own websites, etc. The current Highlights system is nice and all, but it can be a real pain to work with those kinds of limitations, especially if you’re prone to accidentally logging out of the game before you’ve done anything with those five allotted Highlights that you were meaning to share.

Modern gamers are all about recording their big moments in gaming and sharing them all over the internet. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have nice functionality to address this type of gaming, giving players the ability to automatically share their clips on the fly. If you’re playing Overwatch on the PC and aren’t capturing your own footage, though, you’re out of luck once you log out of Overwatch.

The good news is, we’re not likely to see this sort of thing be a problem so often in the future. Developers are wising up to these trends and more and more teams are baking in more robust sharing options. While there’s no guarantee that Overwatch’s solution will ever make it into practice, it’s nice to know the team is working on it.

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