Konami's upcoming soccer (football to the rest of the world) game is seemingly shaping up pretty well... on the PS4. The team is mostly finished with this year's Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 title but they're still shy about one thing: the resolution and frame-rate specs for the Xbox One.

Videogamer managed to get in word with some folks from Konami to talk about the game's performance on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. What they found out was that there could be disparity between the consoles come launch time.

When speaking about the PS4, there was a clear confidence present as Konami's European brand manager Adam Bhatti rolled out this little line...
“We're locked at 60 frames, 1080p already, and this is the first build,"

Things instantly and quickly turn away from talk about how well the game is running, into justifying why they can't talk about the Xbox One when Videogamer rolls out a question in regards to the game's performance on the Xbox One and whether or not Microsoft's console would also run at 1080p and 60fps, creative producer Naoya Hatsumi had this to say...
"Still at a stage where we can't give a definite yes".

"When you consider that question comes from us having just PS4 consoles available for gameplay on the floor, it's just purely for the development reasons,"

So basically, the game is running great and coming along well... just not as much for the Xbox One? The comment about the game being run on PS4 consoles on the show floor not only tells us that the PS4 is the lead platform (obviously) but that it's a diversion tactic from the game's performance on Microsoft's third-generation home console for the eighth generation of gaming.

Hatsumi goes on to further run damage control on the resolution and frame-rate state of PES 2015 for the Xbox One by saying...
"At the current development stage we're in - which is just under 70 per cent complete - we still have a lot of work on game balance and some of the gameplay elements are just much more visible on what we want to deliver... We thought that would be able to be conveyed best through a PS4 at this stage, but we are definitely working on the Xbox One [and] all other platforms in parallel to the PS4 edition."

This really does come across as a lot of round-about ways of saying that the PS4 is running 1080p at 60fps and the Xbox One is not.

Videogamer suspects that it could be the Fox Engine – the tech that is powering PES 2015 – as Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ran into a similar problem between the Xbox One and PS4. Back in February it was reported that the Xbox One version of Metal Gear Solid V would only run at 720p and 60fps, where-as the PlayStation 4 version of the game would be 1080p at 60fps. But the problem isn't isolated to just third-party titles, even Halo: The Master Chief Collection's Halo 2 campaign isn't running native 1080p.

Since the game is only 70% complete and due out this fall for the home consoles, there's still time for Konami to bring up the parity of the resolution and frame-rate on the Xbox One. However, in the past usually whatever the rumored frame-rate was for an Xbox One title that's what the game ended up sticking with at release, like Titanfall.
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