From Braid to Super Meat Boy, Limbo to Rochard, some of the best, most creative platformers of this current generation have been indie titles released via digital platforms. This Tuesday, PID hopes to join those ranks with a nifty physics-based romp on the PlayStation Network.

At its core, PID looks like your of the mill platformer, complete with a character who can run and jump, environmental hazards to avoid and roaming baddies to sneak past. What sets it apart from the pack is an interesting mechanic that allows the player to shoot out these little platforms that basically create a tunnel of slo-mo floaty light. If the character hits the beam of light, their body floats in whichever direction the platform is facing.

In case that made nearly zero sense whatsoever, here's a quick peek at PID in action.

You'll notice that the trailer shows off two difficulty settings, one for beginners and one for people who enjoy pulling their hair out in frustration. No, seriously, some of that timing looks absolutely diabolical to get the hang of in the hard difficulty setting.

In PID, you play a young boy who has been stranded on a far away planet overrun by nasty robots. If the kid ever wants to see his home again, he'll have to master alien technology, befriend random NPCs and outsmart the robots on a quest to save the world.

No price has been set yet, but look for PID to join the platforming lineup when it lands on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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