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PS3: Warhawk Custom Characters And Four-Player Trailers

So yes, we were disappointed with Warhawk’s showing at E3 this year. It dropped the ball...a little bit. It was no where near as a bad as Ghost Squad (though I doubt anything could be) but it did leave little to be desired. However, the four-player split-screen option, custom character tools and massive battlefields still keeps Warhawk looking kind of fun.

Incognito Studios had a lot to prove to a lot of people coming off its bizarre and uninspiring showing at last year’s E3. While the graphics and visual effects haven’t improved much (which isn’t that terrible, considering that gameplay is the preferable choice) Warhawk has moved forward to establish itself with convincing multiplayer mechanics and obesely large maps.

I tell you though, bots, four-player split-screen, multiplayer on-line and character customization would be the perfect blend for a triple-A game. Star Wars: Battlefront II for the original Xbox came close to fulfilling this goal and now Warhawk has the opportunity, so long as Incognito can work out the kinks and fill in some modes and features that will ensure a long-lasting, replayable experience.

The following trailer will show off the game’s character customization features, alongside some explosive gameplay and multiplayer split-screen options. I’m not going to rant on the character customizing because a lot of games are still lacking this feature, but I will comment and say that developers need to work closely with PSN’s Home to either enable a crossover for characters from the games to be used in Home, or the avatar’s from Home to be used in the games. I think it would be easier with the former case, just because Home is an ever expanding community.

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