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Two days removed from the E3 conferences to eclipse E3 conferences throughout the history of video game media entertainment, and pre-order sales are starting to reflect the epicness of said conferences. Former reigning champion Xbox One was dethroned with a single-punch KO from the PS4, who moved in and took over the number one spot on Amazon's top list of best selling items in the gaming category.

You can check out the Amazon list right now, and as of the writing of this article the PlayStation 4 is at the top of the crop, followed closely by the Xbox One (sometimes referred to as the Xbone or the Xboned) and with Sony's own first-party title The Last of Us rounding out the top three. To put this all into perspective we have a image you can view of the list below before it all changes several hours from now...presumably when a lot of people cancel preo-rders after Microsoft said that anyone who doesn't have appropriate internet shouldn't go with an XB1 but should instead get an Xbox 360.

Interestingly enough, both the Xbox One and PS4 have sold out of Amazon, and are awaiting notifications for additional SKUs. The real question will be: will people continue to pre-order the Xbox One despite the anti-consumer measures?

The PS4 easily won over a lot of brownie points with gamers when Sony revealed that the console would only be $399.99, would be region free and would not have any restrictive or diminutive DRM for their disc-based games. It means collectors can still collect their games.

Still, it shows a great amount of resolve from Xbox fanboys who are willing to put down $499.99 for the Xbox One, DRM policies, Kinect always being on and 24 hour check-ins galore. It's like being married to a hairy, loud, angry, mean troll who is both physically and emotionally abusive and takes your money all the time while screwing the neighbor when you're not home but you still put up with that person...sad, sad, sad times.

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