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The holiday season is gearing up to get underway and Reuters wanted to find out what tech-shoppers and gaming aficionados would be spending their money on during the seasonal sales rush, and without a hint of blinking or a flicker of light, the PS4 is still the choice device for gamers banking on a quality console from a trustworthy company.

Reuters rolled out the information on a poll they conducted with Ipsos, that measured the responses from 1,297 participants, where 26% revealed that they were going to purchase the PlayStation 4 where-as only 15% mentioned that they would pick up an Xbox One during the holiday season.

The consumer shopping survey laid out a stark reality for Microsoft: people just don't like the Xbox One.

However, the real story is told with the demographic that is key to core gaming: those just under 40.

According to the report, 41% of the participants under 40 prefer the PlayStation 4 to the Xbox One and only 27% would be willing to purchase an Xbox One. That means that nearly half of the target demographic for the Xbox one won't be buying it. This could spell certain doom given that the Xbox One is only launching in 13 regions at $100 more, as opposed to the PlayStation 4 and its 22 region roll-out. In simple terms, the PS4 will be launching in more regions with more people willing to purchase it, especially since it's $100 cheaper.

Added to this, many gamers feel that Sony has been upstanding throughout the whole ordeal of the next-generation console reveal, as opposed to Microsoft who betrayed their loyal fans with the May 21st reveal, only targeting lazy couch potatoes and the elitist, rare-as-a-white-tiger rich Americans who like football and paying to watch TV on their TV while paying for cable on top of that.

Opting out of a strong, competitive hardware design in order to push for Kinect 2.0 features and easy access for the NSA to do what they want, along with Communistic security features, only made gamers aware that the bitter pill of betrayal was going to be harder to swallow than they thought. Although, some gamers have succumbed to a toxic dose of reputation management.

However, Microsoft paid dearly for their transgressions against the core gaming community, so much so that the polls became so lopsided that a campaign had been put underway to vote-cheat the Xbox One into a better standing in the polls, all in an attempt to help give the flailing console some sort of prestige over the PS4. Nevertheless, the scheme backfired like the Republican's plan to block Obamacare and it only created more negative news, and an even dour outlook on the big black box heading into the holiday season.

It's for the very reasons above that gamers have chosen Sony and the PlayStation 4. According to the Reuters report, 26-year-old gamer Christopher Turner from Salem, Alabama had no qualms about abandoning the American software and game console manufacturer for a company he knew he could trust with his privacy and to deliver an honorable gaming experience, saying...
“[Microsoft] couldn't make up their mind and Sony hadn't wavered from the beginning," ... "The PlayStation 4 is for both hardcore and casual gamers."

With more than a million pre-orders and dozens of polls supporting the PS4, it's obvious Sony is going to win the first leg of competition against Microsoft this fall.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Wii U is very high up on the radar. While Reuters doesn't specify the intentions of the other 59% of the survey participants, only 3% mentioned that they played games on the Wii U and there was no mention as to whether any of the other participants would be purchasing a Wii U.

One would hope that with proper marketing and the roll-out of the new bundle, the Wii U and PS4 will have a nice heated showdown this fall.

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