[Update: There's a video below that shows and explains what happened.]

The 57 second video above is the result of what could be the precursor for World War III. The console wars have officially hit DEFCON 1, as fanboys the world around have come forward to badger, attack, question and defend as if their home territory was being bombed, or the home territory was doing the bombing. Hide your wife. Hide your kids. It's about to get frumpy up in here.

The reason the video has sparked such a huge controversy is because it was believed that the PS4 would not have DRM for physical based media; well, it doesn't have DRM for physical based media.

This didn't stop gamers from going to SCE's worldwide studio boss, Shuhei Yoshida, and asking what was up with the video above and how they thought the PS4 didn't have any DRM. Here's what Yoshida stated, as captured by Couch Jockeyz...

Well, this is true. The PS4, the Xbox One, Steam, Origin and even the Wii U have some form of digital rights management for digital software titles. Of course, this didn't stop the fanboy brigades from bringing down a rain of fire as to why the PS4 wouldn't let that owner play his digital games offline.

Now here's where things get sketchy. The video provides zero context for accessing the games offline. Was it a shared system? Was it the original account owner? Was he even logged in? It starts and ends pretty quick with nary anything explained. It almost feels like he's wearing a mask that has a liquid transforming ink blot that instantly forms the shape of a trollface as the video rolls to a close.

Even YouTube users (daft as many of them may seem) noted that something seemed fishy, with one user, Ben Fauceey, stating...
“...as true as this footage maybe; ive used my console without internet so im guessing something lve was done previously before this video was made. Not throwing round accusation but if mine works perfect without internet, a bit of "tweaking" would have to be done in order for a result like this to occur.”

Ben suggested that it may be a license sharing issue, to which he suggests people “Google it” first.

Others wanted more information about the video: why didn't the owner try to troubleshoot first? Was he even logged in? Did he restart? What was going on?

The guy who uploaded the video, YouTube user Zephyrnix, declined to comment about who the video originally belonged to or any other information about the video, only stating...
“Despite Lies from other people, I don't give out personal information. This came from a Personal account. ?”

Quite naturally, most people will probably think this is identical to the Killer Instinct DRM situation, however, there are a few big differences between both situations: First up, the Killer Instinct video showed users already logged in and playing the game, locally. We also knew that Killer Instinct was a digital-only title. Furthermore, when the DRM struck we saw that the stream organizer tried troubleshooting the problem first, and went to find out what went wrong. It wasn't just a “Oh hey, it died... lulz... DRM” and then the video ends.

Most users commenting on the above PS4 video mentioned that this happens with digital-only titles when trying to share them while not logged in online. Technically, it would be the equivalent of what would happen if you tried accessing games on the Xbox One using the Family Share while not being online.

Given the vague context of the video it's hard to say exactly what's what. If the guy owns all those games and he tried playing the physical copies, then that's total BS. If he owns the games and he was signed into his console while trying to play games he owns digitally, offline, then that's also BS.

Now, if this guy put this video together just to troll and spur the flames of the console war – well then, I can see why Zephyrnix didn't want to divulge any further details, as he could become a complicit accomplice to fanboy warmongering; and we all know how much people hate those who fan the flames of the fanboy console-war with pure, unadulterated flamebait... don't we?

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