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Capcom sent out two more screenshots for their PS4 exclusive dungeon-crawler Deep Down this weekend. The company also let us know when we can expect the public beta.

“Currently Deep Down is being developed intensively at GW moving towards the public beta test," producer Kazunori Sugiura said on Twitter (via VG247). "PS4 users have waited a lot, but please wait a bit longer.”

Sugiura added in subsequent tweets that they're looking to hold the beta this summer. The development team will report on their progress, and perhaps provide a launch date for the beta, in June.

The two screenshots show an armored knight walking through caves. The first seems to show an arctic environment. Lava is visible in the other.

Deep Down uses a brand-new engine called Panta Rhei. This engine, created by Capcom, is specifically designed for the latest generation of consoles as well as PC. It's meant as a replacement for MT Framework, the software behind many of Capcom's last-gen projects like Dead Rising, Dragon's Dogma and Resident Evil 6. Panta Rhei should be used just as widely in this new generation of gaming hardware.

"The players of Deep Down will be surprised to see realistic fire rendered by fluids," Capcom's Masaru Ijuin said in an interview published last year. "Traditionally, fire is rendered by arranging a large number of so-called billboards, but this method fails to depict the motion of fire. We can now make fire look more realistic by using fluids and simulating the flow of the flames. Imagine a T junction at the end of a narrow corridor. The fire rendered through the use of billboards ends at the wall of the T junction. On the other hand, the fire rendered with fluids fans out to the left and right when it hits the wall."

Deep Down is a free-to-play role-playing game. Players team up with their friends to explore dungeons and take down boss characters. The game, first unveiled during the PS4 announcement event, will allow players to watch each others' games and provide aid.

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