The PlayStation 4's console case has not been shown yet by Sony, but the video above was produced with such slick skill and creativity that it fooled many-a-gamer and gaming journalist alike, forcing Sony to come out and deny that the glowing, sexy looking case in the video above is fake and that the video itself, hailed as a pre-E3 promo trailer, is also fake.

Kotaku used some impressive logical deduction to pinpoint that the case was fake well before Sony stepped into the picture, noting that Sony has already confirmed that there were certain formats not supported by the PS4 and yet the fake case clearly has the logos on display. Nevertheless, Kotaku noted that...
a representative from Sony's American division has confirmed to Kotaku that this isn’t an official clip, saying that it wasn't produced or released by them. We’re all going to have to wait a while longer to finally see what the PS4’s body looks like.

The design of the fake PS4 isn't too bad, and the whole neon blue glow looks sick, sort of of like something out of Tron Legacy. The asymmetrical light design and compact design gives the whole thing a nice next-gen look. Also, it would be pretty awesome if the color inside could be changed via a system configuration setting. That would be sick times a multiple of two.

The actual PlayStation 4 design is expected to be unveiled at this year's E3 in June. I don't know whose E3 conference will be more anticipated between Sony and Microsoft, but this little fake video is just enough to keep people talking about Sony's new console, especially one week ahead of Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox Infinity.

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