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The PlayStation 4 is just making and breaking trends all over the place, managing to become the fastest selling home console in the UK while also outstripping the Wii U's year-long install base in the UK by a large margin.

MCV UK is reporting that more than 250,000 PlayStation 4 units have been sold in the United Kingdom over the course of 48 hours. That's right, in just 48 hours the PlayStation 4 managed to sell more units than the total lifetime install base of the Wii U over in the UK.

The report also denotes that the PS4 has easily and readily beat out the Xbox One in sales in a large enough margin to be crowned the fastest selling home console in the UK... ever.

Eurogamer also received an update from an industry retail rep indicating that the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One by a significant margin. How significant? Try 80,000 units. The Xbox One has reportedly sold 170,000 during the previous week, shifting only 20,000 units more than its launch week, which saw 150,000 units sold.

Further reports from Chart-Track indicate that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have “out-stripped” the Wii U's lifetime SKU sales in the United Kingdom. Poor, poor, Wii U.

And despite the Xbox One walking away with the Black Friday victory in sales at Walmart and Target in North America, it just wasn't enough to stave off the huge support of UK gamers giving up the black and green brand and heading toward the black and blue brand instead.

Additionally, many level-headed individuals believe that the Black Friday sales victory could be a fluke for the Xbox One given that Sony has openly stated that their stock of PS4 units have been stripped thin, so much so that they won't be readily replenished in time for Christmas. This was reiterated recently when it was revealed that the PlayStation production was ramped up but the supply is still barely meeting demand.

While a lot of pundits and gamers have been quick to discount the Wii U being a viable new-generation console, the reality is that most people keeping up with game news know that the Wii U's really big heavy hitters won't come into play until 2014. The slow sales throughout the holiday – if we can even call it that, considering that we don't have the full figures in yet – was to be expected, given the delay of some other big titles and the stiff competition from Microsoft and Sony launching their latest machines.

Nevertheless, the Wii U is still the eighth generation console with the most market share, controlling North America and Japan at the moment. Until Sony and Microsoft finally manage to stabilize supply, it's hard to tell right now which system will ultimately come out on top. More than likely, we won't have a full rundown of the market leader until January, where supply and demand will marginalize and all three systems will begin rolling out a stronger line-up of software throughout the spring of 2014.

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