PS4 Isn't Just For Watching TV On Your TV, Says Sony

When you buy a game console, apparently the first thing you think about is whether the console allows you to watch television on your television; gamers are somewhat overly concerned with sports TV, television and sports and TV sports. That's according to Microsoft. Sony has a different mantra.

DualShockers spotted comments from Sony's top dog chief architect of the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny, who had an interview with Polygon where he openly, calmly, and only in the way that Sony top dogs can, professionally trolled Microsoft...

“ Well, PlayStation 4 is not strictly about games. I mean, look around this room right now and you’ll see all the different things that you can do that are not games, like the Hulu and the Netflix and all of those things.“ It’s just that when we go out and we talk about it, we talk about it as primarily a game console. And by the way, it does those other things too.“ We don’t go out there and say, 'hey, here’s a box you can watch TV on.'”

Ohhhhh, burnnnnn!

Every single day Sony has dropped troll-bombs on Microsoft like an F-100 Super Sabre dropping napalm during the Vietnam war: without mercy.

Microsoft tried making a comeback a couple of times, but their attempts to troll Sony resulted in them shooting off their own feet. Heck, they shot themselves up pretty bad with their own console reveal on May 21st. Remember this?

Someone needs to teach Microsoft how to troll their competition as hard as they troll their own customers.

What Cerny says is correct, though. Gamers want to game on a game console; the PS4 isn't just a game console, it can also do all that TV on your TV crap, too. As Cerny mentions, if you want to use your game console to watch TV you can. What's more is that all the TV on your TV for the PS4 is free from PlayStation Plus. You don't have to pay just to have access to the services, opposite of Microsoft and the Xbox One, which require you to have Xbox Live Gold to even access the apps, much less actually use them.

While a lot of gamers enjoy a game console that has multifaceted functionality, I think the most important part is that it's capable of playing games right out of the box on day one. Thankfully the PlayStation 4 can play games right out of the box on day one, offline. If you try to play the Xbox One on day one in offline mode, well... you'll just end up with this...

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.