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Remember how one of the biggest issues with Microsoft's attempted stranglehold on an all-digital future was that – as noted by former CEO of EA, John Riccitiello – there was a walled garden of content around digital goods, and competition would have been stifled from Microsoft's previous DRM policies? Well, Sony has just one-upped Microsoft... again.

Over on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed a rather significant thing: In addition to buying digital content and media from the PlayStation Store, PlayStation owners will be able to purchase digital goods for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita from Amazon.

This is a really sexy thing... it's just about sexier than Angelina Jolie's single-leg, black dress tease at the 2012 Oscars, and that was a pretty sexy thing.

Gamers will be able to purchase games and content for PlayStation platforms from this page on Amazon. As you'll see, the prices aren't significantly lower than their retail counterparts... in fact, they're about equivalent to what you would pay for a boxed copy of the game. Heck, you actually do better getting the games from GameStop at those prices... at least you'll get a booklet (for games where publishers still include the booklets) and a hard disc in which to keep the game, so if anything happens to your digital account (like getting banned because you played the console before the official street date) then your goods could go kaput.

Nevertheless, I'm at least glad Sony is showing Microsoft how you do a real digital future and not a fake digital future, like the one Don “Play It On Your Xbox 360” Mattrick had originally planned. I know some people might use the excuse that Microsoft was planning on being like Valve with Steam (although there was no proof to these purported claims) or opening up the Xbox Live Marketplace for competitive pricing from other digital services, but if Microsoft hasn't already done it with the Xbox 360 there's no reason to believe they would do it with the Xbox One.

Sony is still offering gamers an opportunity to play their games straight from the disc like they always have but they're also offering day-one digital download options for those of you with internet connections and bandwidth freedom from your ISPs to afford for such a option. Opening up the PlayStation Store for competitive pricing from Amazon is a great way to expand the digital future that Microsoft was trying (and failed) to sell you.

Even still, for those of you rocking old-school connections that would make America Online look like a fast ISP option, Sony still allows for used games, offline play and good old fashioned game swapping... just hand your friend a disc and you're good to go. For everyone else willing to embrace the (very expensive) digital future, feel free to browse Amazon's offerings or take advantage of Sony's $5 credit good for any Sony media content sold digitally on Amazon's PS Store.

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