Curve Studios and Curve Digital have today announced that their platforming puzzle game, The Swapper is headed to the PlayStation family of consoles as a cross-buy, cross save title. So, no matter which system you’re playing on currently, you’ll be able to, ahem, swap to another one freely.

The Swapper began life as a project developed by two university students, Olli Harjola and Otto Hantula, and met with critical acclaim for its story, level design and visual style when it was launched on PC in 2013,” reads a statement from Curve Digital.

In other words, The Swapper is the latest in Sony’s ongoing push to make its various consoles a home for indie developers, joining the likes of Don’t Starve, Hotline Miami, The Witness, etc.

The game takes place on Theseus, a damaged space station dedicated to scientific research. While screenshots make the game almost look like a 2D Dead Space, The Swapper is actually all about clever platforming and puzzles. Players will start out by making a clone of themselves, eventually able to make up to four. You’ll be able to swap between these clones freely in order to solve elaborate puzzles, hence the name.

“It’s a claustrophobic, dark and atmospheric environment, but it’s also one that looks like no other game,” reads the official announcement. “The artwork of The Swapper was made using hand-crafted materials and clay, and creates a world quite unlike anything ever seen before on a PlayStation Platform.”

Speaking of those platforms, The Swapper is set to release in mid-May of this year as a PlayStation Network title for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. As stated above, it’ll also be a cross-buy, cross-save title, so you’ll be able to download it on all three consoles and continue your progress back and forth between them. Oddly appropriate, considering the game we’re talking about.

According to Jason Perkins, Curve Digital Managing Director, The Swapper is a high benchmark for the growing indie games market.

The Swapper highlights everything great about modern indie games,” he said. “It’s polished, its mechanics seem simple but provide a great deal of depth, and it touches on themes and narratives that tripla-A games rarely explore.”

Can’t really argue with Perkins there. These types of games rarely come around in the “core” market, with rare exceptions to the rule being titles like Portal. As an indie game, though, The Swapper is able to provide unique ideas and gameplay mechanics in an affordable package, perfect for the smaller, niche audience that’s likely chomping at the bit to play this game.

“The reception of The Swapper blew me away when we launched on PC last year,” said designer and developer Olli Harjola. “It’s really exciting to be able to launch the game to a brand new group of gamers on PlayStation.”

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