If there's one thing the latest group of up and coming gamers like to do, it's share footage of their play sessions online, whether that be in the form of live streaming or editing their gameplay into short clips to upload to Facebook and Youtube. With the introduction of the SHAREfactury in upcoming PlayStation 4 update 1.70, gamers will be able to enjoy more options than ever for creating and sharing their own clips, directly from their home console.

If you ever needed any proof that gamers are a bunch of camera-friendly share-a-holics, all you have to do is boot up a PS4 and head on over to the “Live” tab. There, you'll find dozens upon dozens of feeds through Twitch and Uplay of gamers walking viewers through their sessions, chatting up randos as they get in a game of basketball, or shooting up enemy soldiers without ever actually saying a word. You'll find plenty of that stuff listed above, as well as folks using the Playroom game as if it were a vidcasting application, fielding questions from viewers, ranting about whatever pops into their head or, I kid you not, giving live how-to tutorials on how to make a glass pipe...Gamers are an interesting bunch.

But enough about the past. We're here today to talk about the future and, for the PS4, that future includes Update 1.70, which is coming “soon,” and will offer a brand new video editor called SHAREfactory. Other than sporting some supremely frustrating capitalization, the new app is just one of the promised alterations coming to the PS4 in the new update, and it's bringing a lot of spiffy features along for the ride.

As explained in the official Update 1.70 release announcement, the SHAREfactory is only one part of the impending update, but it's likely to be one of the most appreciated. I really enjoy the share feature as it exists on the PS4, allowing me to easily edit down to just the video clip I want to share, add a comment, then post it to Facebook. Others, though, prefer more robust options, which is exactly what the SHAREfactory offers.

For starters, you'll be able to customize your clips (which you can now cut and merge together) with all sorts of new bells and whistles, including transitions, stickers, text and even your own picture-in-picture video commentary. You can drop in one of the select tracks from the app itself, or you can add your own music for a more personal touch. I'm going to go ahead and keep my fingers firmly crossed that that means we'll soon be able to drop our own music onto the system soon, too.

While you'll be able to share directly to Facebook, and I'm assuming Twitter, through the app, you'll also be able to export your clip to an external source in order to drop it onto your computer and upload it elsewhere, like Youtube. Not sure why Youtube upload can't be carried out directly from the console, but at least it's now possible to use the service alongside the PS4 with relative ease.

Also announced in the 1.70 reveal is the ability to play games as soon as they become available. If you've pre-ordered a game and have your console set to automatically update and download content, it'll go ahead and download the title for play before the game actually launches. Once play time officially rolls around, the game will unlock and be ready to play, in full, without need for further waiting.
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