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Sony announced an entire weekend full of discounts, offering gamers 10% off on games for the PS3, PS Vita, and the PS4. Heck, the discounts even apply to titles that aren't even out yet... That's right. You can get a 10% discount on pre-ordered games.

The news was made over on the PlayStation blog where the offer is posted up in a screenshot depicting the promotional code that you can redeem on the PlayStation store during checkout. The code is in the main image of this article but if you need to copy and paste the text, here it is: LQ8ERDQH3A.

So you're probably wondering exactly what sort of games the discount can be applied to. Well, there are recent releases like the critically acclaimed Bloodborne. That's right, From Software's hack-and-slash RPG is part of the 10% discount, along with the other recent releases like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, (which contains Borderlands 2, all of the previously released DLC, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel). I honestly have to say that if you missed out on Borderlands, Borderlands 2, or The Pre-Sequel, the Handsome Collection really is a great bargain for all the content. Plus, you also get the additional four-player split-screen modes to boot.

Other PS4 titles includes Yorbie, Arcade Archives and Slender: The Arrival. One of my personal favorites also made the cut, Metal Slug 3 (Man oh man, that game has so much replay value). 2K Games' WWE 2K15 was also part of the recent PS Store update, which helps give gamers a wide variety of different titles across multiple genres to choose from during the discount.

There are also some PS3 games updated on the store that you might keep an eye on during the discount this weekend, Metal Slug 3, Armored Core, Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore are among those titles.

The PS Vita also shares two other games from the PS3's list: Armored Core and Metal Slug 3. The other games recently updated on the store for the PS Vita includes 2013: Infected Wars, Damascus Gear: operation Tokyo and Lego: Ninjago.

Those aren't the only games available. Two new pre-orders have also been added to the list, including God of War III: Remastered and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Sony has a complete list of all the games available at various degrees of having the price slashed, with a nice long list available over on the PlayStation store update page.

It's likely a lot of gamers will want to get in on the deal while they can, especially with all the positive hype surrounding the release of Bloodborne. However, you'll want to act fast because the discount is only viable until March 30th.

You'll have the entire weekend to mull it over.

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