This is one of those "herp, derp" moments for corporate-apologists, especially considering that a guy who works for Wedbush Morgan Securities actually agrees that disc-locked content is about as crappy as replacing the milk in your cereal with the contents from a cup found at a sperm bank.

GamersThirst decided they want to run a pro-consumer piece, and who better to spearhead the assault against greedy corporate giants than...Michael Pachter? That's right, Michael Pachter.

In his latest Pach-Attack show on GTTV, The Pach-Man -- and yes, I'm in a good enough mood to call him that and ignore his former transgressions against the gaming industry -- had the following to say in regards to one of the most hated trends in gaming...disc-locked content.
“Yeah, it’s just plain greed,”... “The answer is that simple. I think that DLC has been so successful that publishers are trying to get a jumpstart and if you put it on the disc it allows them to unlock it when they feel like it.”

Some guys get [DLC] right, some guys take a long time to get [DLC] out, putting it on the disc allows the publisher to determine the optimal moment to launch it. All DLC is great, games are getting shorter, DLC is keeping people engaged, it’s a profit deal. I don’t think it makes much difference how it’s delivered.”

It is true, like what Capcom doesn't matter if it's on the disc or on a server, they only care about selling it separate from the game itself for additional revenue.

What's more is that disc-locked content is all about stripping off "non-essential" content from the game to resell as premium content. Some gamers defended this as saying that disc-locked content in a game like Street Fighter X Tekken was purely optional, but then again, other than have at least four fighters, a stage and the basic move-set then everything else falls in line as being "optional".

Nevertheless, arguing content versus value can go on all day long, so long in fact that it will probably never end until throats and fingers turn to dust. The main point is that if content is finished by the time a game goes gold and is even included on the disc, but put behind a pay-wall, even a non-gamer like Pachter can see that such a move equates to being a greedy cash-grab.

Pachter goes on to say that...
The stuff on the disc, some gamers feel entitled to because they bought the disc, so they should have a right to anything that’s on the disc,” ... “And that’s a dicey one, you actually do own the disc and I think, theoretically, if you could crack the code on the DLC you probably would be allowed to access it without paying. And I’m not even sure that’s stealing because you did, in fact, buy the disc. That’s about as close as you can get to legal piracy.”

Some pro-corporate apologists have been arguing that gamers aren't entitled to everything on a disc, just the content that was advertised, even though that makes zero sense. Rockstar was publicly lambasted over the "Hot Coffee" incident (which now has its own Wikipedia entry) which also garnered GTA: SA the Adults Only rating and that was because of disc-locked content that wasn't made readily accessible. And in the case of Risen 2, you didn't even have to hack the game to gain access to the disc-locked content, you just had to use the console commands to access the on-disc DLC.

Given Capcom's drop in BBB rating and the company execs getting peeved over the poor sales of Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as the bad press Deep Silver received for Risen 2 over the on-disc DLC issue, I doubt we'll be seeing disc-locked content rear its head anytime soon...or at the very least, we can hope.
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