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Ever dreamed of one day becoming a shady tabloid photographer or perhaps a celebrity, cleverly ducking said tabloids by moving quickly or hiding in a crowd? Then Paparazzi is the game for you. It’s an indie darling that’s been making quite a few waves at trade shows this year and, come February, you’ll be able to play it on your PlayStation 4.

Pringo Dingo Games’ first title, Paparazzi is a two player game that lets you play a high tech game of cat and mouse across the streets, beaches and shopping districts of Follywood.

The PlayStation Network has been pretty quiet these last couple of weeks, with many developers wrapping up shop for the year and looking forward to the months ahead. Paparazzi is due out on the PS4 come February, according to its official announcement, meaning you won’t have to wait too long before you can get in some cyber training for TMZ.

“The more photos the paparazzi takes of the celebrity, the more money they get and the less dignity the celebrity has,” reads the announcement. “To gain dignity, the celebrity must collect adoring fans and avoid the camera shots of the paparazzi.”

All of this is carried out on a single top-down screen featuring super retro graphics and a jazz-tastic soundtrack. Think something akin to Hotline Miami, but with slightly less blood and gratuitous violence.

“We initially made the game for a game jam centered with the theme of a Matthew McConaughey quote: ‘Cameras aren’t guns. They can’t really hurt you,’” said Pringo Dingo Games’ Mike Longley. “Pringo Dingo Games is a three person studio, and we are incredibly excited about how far we’ve brought the game since that jam.”

That’s great and all, but now Longley’s got me thinking about what a game would look like if it was based on Mr. McConaughey’s most legendary quote, “Alright, alright, alright.” Or, even better, how about a game where you play a day in the life of McConaughey, only his day is full of the insane adventures and encounters we all assume are commonplace for the guy? Just an idea, indie devs, and I grant you full permission to run with it.

So, how about that asking price? Five bucks. Yep, for five bucks, you and your friends can live out unfortunate celebrity/media run-ins from the comfort of your own couch via your PS4.

Before you start rolling your eyes at “yet another indie game,” just remember that you don’t have to pick up Paparazzi if it doesn’t interest you, this game isn’t magically taking away resources from the next Call of Duty, nor will it be taking up some sort of limited virtual shelf space that could be dedicated to more AAA games. This is just a trio of folks doing what they love and trying to bring it to market, so do with that what you will…So there.

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