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If you’re looking to Epic’s Paragon as soon as possible, then you might want to pick up the game’s Founder’s Pack, which hit the PlayStation Network earlier today. With it, you’ll be able to dive into the Early Access Season, which kicks off later this week.

Epic is about to enter the MOBA arena in a big way with its unique spin on the genre. More of a third-person action game boasting MOBA trappings, Paragon sets itself apart from games like Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends by putting a heavier emphasis on nonstop action.

While Paragon isn’t quite ready for a wide release, Epic is ready to roll out its Early Access Season starting this Friday, March 18. If you want to get in on the fun, however, you’ll need to buy a Founder’s Pack. Lucky for you, they’re now on sale.

If you’re looking to toss a bit of money into Paragon, you can do so on the official website or by logging into the PlayStation Network. All three Founder’s Packs available grant access to gameplay starting this Friday, March 18. There’s a pack for $19.99, $59.99 and $99.99.

For $20, you’ll gain access to three additional playable characters right off the bat. You’ll also earn an additional Boost. The $60 pack includes 13 heroes right off of the bat, five Boosts and the ability to send a Founders Pack to a friend. You’ll also earn a special skin for Hotrod Howitzer. If you’re willing to go up to $100, you’ll unlock all 39 playable characters, 15 Boosts, as well as the extra Founder’s Pack for a friend and the exclusive skin.

The site goes on to remind players that these packs are for folks who are in the market to support the continued development of the game, as Paragon will be a free MOBA and all in-game content will be available simply by playing the game. You’ll be able to unlock more content more quickly if you’re willing to fork over some cash, of course, but you’ll otherwise be able to play as much as you want and gain access to everything simply by playing more and more Paragon.

It should also be noted that the special beta for Founders isn’t happening just a couple of weeks before the unwashed masses get to pile in. The open beta isn’t scheduled until sometime this summer, so this gives you the chance to see what the game is all about nice and early.

For additional details, Creative Director Steve Supervile recently shared some info about the development and evolution of Paragon over on the PlayStation Blog. It’s worth a read if you’ve got the time and the interest.

Let us know if you plan to become a Paragon Founder in the comments section below.

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