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Some uber good news today for fans of Overkill Software's heist-shooter, Payday 2. So first up, if you own the original Payday: The Heist you can gain free access to Payday 2's beta for a while with a free key if you have the Steam version. Next up, a new video has been released showcasing how you can do a bank heist as stealthily as possible.

Dualshockers spotted the new video courtesy of the official PlayStation channel on YouTube. The video features the developers giving gamers pointers on how to do a legit stealth run in Payday 2 on the bank mission. However, things don't quite go as they planned and, quite naturally, their cover was blown. You can check it out below.

They actually did pretty good up until it came time to carry out the actual heist. Bagging the bank manager and securing the cameras allowed them to make some really good time on the heist and they only ran into some minor opposition when it was time to grab the goods and make the getaway. Compared to a bunch of other videos out there, I would say that the developers have done about the best on the bank heist in terms of a low body count and keeping the heavy SWAT off of them.

I think it's still funny that given the game's propensity for procedurally random events the team still couldn't account for every factor that changed and challenged their attempt to do a complete stealth run... and this is what makes the game so darn fun.

In fact, all the fun that people are having with Payday 2 is paying off in droves. The pre-orders for the game based on word of mouth and Let's Play videos has been so positive and so invigorating that 505 Games has already made back their initial investment in pre-orders alone.

Overkill's further aim to reach gamers by giving away free beta keys to people who already own the original Payday: The Heist only heightens their goodwill factor and community relationship. They may (not) know it but they're winning brownie points in the gaming community left and right.

Fish, while many of us hope you don't return to the gaming sector, if you ever decide to get back into it then you really need to look at how Overkill reacts and responds to the community to understand how you weed yourself out and away from toxic troll mentality and embrace the positive side of gaming, instead of whining about any and everyone on Twitter.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what the first week sales (or more appropriately, first month sales) look like for Payday 2 because if this game is going to be as big as I'm hoping it will be, it will definitely shine a light on all of what's wrong with the rest of the gaming industry when it comes to spending, advertising, marketing and fiscal responsibility as far as budgets are concerned.

You can pre-order Payday 2 right now, which is just getting all sorts of positive praise from gamers across the interwebs, or you can learn more before the game releases next-week for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC by visiting the official website.

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