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After a long hiatus, the episodic RPG series Penny Arcade Adventures will be returning soon. Episode Three will look completely different than its predecessors, though, thanks to a change in developers.

The first two episodes were handled by Hothead Games, of DeathSpank fame. Cthulhu Saves the World developer Zeboyd Games will be helming the third entry in the series. Like Cthulhu, Episode Three of Penny Arcade will have retro 2D graphics. It closely resembles the appearance of Final Fantasy VI - and has the sounds to match.

FF6 visuals actually fit Penny Arcade Adventures pretty well. After all, the combat system for Penny Arcade is very similar to the Active Time Battles of older FF games. Plus, the main audience for this game is going to be fans of the Penny Arcade web comic, who - not to stereotype or anything - tend to be life-long gamers. If anyone will appreciate the retro touch, it's them.

Episode Three will be available through Steam and Xbox Live on July 10th. It'll be priced at $5.

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