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So there's quite a bit of Ryse: Son of Rome news that occurred recently, mostly having to do with the design team's decision to keep the game at a seventh gen resolution of 900p as opposed to going full-fledged next-gen with native 1080p for the Xbox One.

DualShockers caught the quote from IGN, where Microsoft's VP, Phil Spencer expressed in a podcast episode that...
“We actually had Ryse running at 720, and at 900, and at 1080, and we looked at all the graphics techniques that we wanted to put in place: the antialiasing we wanted to employ, the lightning technique we wanted to employ, and we made the decision that 900p was the best resolution for everything that we wanted to do bringing that game to market. I think it’s the best looking game I’ve seen on consoles.

“You wanna make the right decisions. Other games… Forza is 60 frames per second 1080p. Game developers are gonna make their own decisions based on the artistic view they have and on how they want the game to look. That’s what gamers should focus on: does the art director’s…the animation director’s…does their vision come true on the screen?”

So basically, they had to go with 900p and cut the game's character polygon count in half so it could run at stable frames (30 frames per second, by the way) on the Xbox One? That sounds like a lot of concessions and tomfoolery if you ask me. But I guess it's a good thing no one asked me, because otherwise I would have further stated that it sounds like the Xbox One isn't coming into the next-gen looking competent at all, and teams seem to have be having a hard go at it, as far as technical efficiency and competency goes.

Besides, I don't care what anyone says or how any Microsoft reputation manager tries to spin it, when you cut a game's poly-count in half you've effectively cut the game's graphics in half. It's literally like going from Halo on the Xbox to Siphon Filter on the PlayStation One – it's obvious one game sucks donkey turds in the graphics department by comparison.

Nevertheless, if Spencer wants to sell a half-eaten crumb cake to those starving for just desserts, you can be my guest and eat the leftovers offered by Crytek. Really, though, the company responsible for moving a lot of PC hardware in 2007 and beyond due to the steep requirements of Crysis, it's a shame seeing them cut away all the great things that make the CryEngine 3 so marvelous. It's when Michael Jackson sold off his black skin to become a mainstream white woman... yeah, he was more broadly appealing, but hot dang did it confuse a lot of young boys.

If you thought that was the only news about Ryse being shared today, think again. There's more bad news actually.

In a live-stream with the game's developers, Crytek's senior producer Justin Robey and Microsoft's senior brand manager, Glenn Gregory, confirmed that there will be no playable demo of Ryse prior to release or post-launch. Even more than that, if you were hoping to play the definitive version of the game on PC – just like a lot of the games on the Xbox One at E3 – you're fresh out of luck because Ryse: Son of Rome won't be getting any preferential PC treatment... ever.

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