Electronic Arts and Popcap Games aren't just about throwing out a new game and letting it rot on shelves. They have a nice roadmap laid out for new content they plan on introducing to Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. That all gets started with the new Graveyard Variety Pack that launches on March 8th, tomorrow.

The update is free for owners of the third-person, multiplayer shooter pitting zombies against plants. Shacknews pointed to the new promotional trailer for the update, which briefly explains what gamers can expect from the new content pack. You can check it out below.

The trailer admittedly doesn't do the greatest job of explaining exactly what's new in the Graveyard Variety Pack for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Thankfully, a more comprehensive list of changes and features were detailed in a news post over on the official Garden Warfare 2 website, where creative director Justin Wiebe explained and offered in detail exactly what gamers can look forward to with the free update.

There's the all new “Aqua Center” co-op and team vanquish map. It's the one watery looking dance hall featured in the video above. Unfortunately we don't actually get to see it much in action but you get glimpses of it in between the dance montage.

They've also added a night version of the Great White North map, and have added that version to the Turf Takeover playlist for those looking to spruce up their PvP playlist rotations. They've added two new mission types to the Backyard Battleground, a Hide 'n Find mission and a Bot & Pot mission.

Gamers looking for more social accessibility will now find that all friends playing the game will be visible through the World Options, as opposed to just showing joinable games where friends are playing. In addition to this, Gardern Warfare 2 now defaults to the common chat when in a Private Match, as well as the option to view the scoreboard while Vanquished.

The changelog also points to some minor fixes with the aim sensitivity slider, which is something that some gamers had some problems with before, and they've also allowed gamers to toggle between hold to aim and toggle to aim in the controller options menu.

There's a long list of tweaks and balances that have been made for the game as well, with tons of new modifications and balances made to just about every playable character in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Amidst the tweaks and tuning are a number of critical fixes for the in-game balance, including reducing the length of round timer in between multiplayer matches, and being able to view Backyard customizations when visiting another player's Backyard area, and they've also made major improvements to the hit reaction during the “flinching” animations. They also reduced the flinching effect for both AI and human characters during gameplay.

There are a ton of other changes and tweaks that they've made in Garden Warfare 2 that you can check out over on the official website. The update along with the patch will go live tomorrow on March 8th and it will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers.
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