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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 isn’t messing around when it comes to new battlegrounds for this oddball mashup. When the game arrives later this year, it’ll be packing 12 new maps for payers to explore while blasting their opponents to smithereens. Want to see what they look like? Good, because EA has provided a trailer that allows you to do exactly that.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Garden Warfare takes its namesake seriously. A class-based competitive shooter, it’s a tongue-in-cheek mix of the characters and humor of the Plants vs. Zombies series and the competitive action of core shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Heading into the weekend, PvZGW2 Producer Kyle Duncan dropped by the PlayStation Blog to talk shop, bringing the above trailer along for the ride to give everyone a taste of the 12 new maps being brought to the game.

Weighing in at more than three minutes, the trailer crams in a lot of fun-looking locales to blast your way through, beginning with the prerequisite snow-covered arena, Great White North. The Japan-inspired Zen Peak follows, moving onto the desolate Bonyard Island, futuristic Lunar Landing Z, the pyramids of Sandy Sands and beyond. Each map looks super unique, bright, colorful and a lot of fun.

As Kyle Duncan explained in his original post, each map is packed with details and secrets for players to explore, while still offering all of those standard shooter tropes that more core players crave. From wide-open areas that will serve as a sniper’s delight to plenty of cover-filled facilities, choke points, and the like, the maps look like they’d feel right at home in any other shooter that, you know, didn’t take itself so damn serious.

Kyle Duncan goes on to explain that Garden Warfare 2 basically takes everything players loved about the original game and piles in even more of it. The “Backyard Battleground” will boast maps that are (according to the lore), still held on lockdown by the plants as well as areas that the zombies have taken control of and started rebuilding for their own purposes.

Along with these 12 maps, you’ll be treated to 14 classes of characters boasting more than 100 playable characters. If you pre-order the game, you’ll also gain access to a special pair of characters, the Z7 Imp and Mech.

Amidst all of the annual shooters, it’s nice to see that folks who enjoy a more lighthearted romp are still being taken into consideration. The first Garden Warfare was a surprisingly tactical shooter that you wouldn’t be blamed for writing off as a “kids game” at first glance. Hopefully word has gotten out to the contrary at this point, because Garden Warfare 2 sure seems to be shaping up nicely.
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