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A fan of Destiny’s Crucible but not sure if you want to drop another $40 on the latest expansion, The Taken King? Well, Bungie has decided to give you a gander at what’s to come in the form of a free week of online play boasting new maps and modes.

Recently announced through the Bungie blog, next week is set to be a pretty big week for fans of Destiny. Not only will a world-changing update be implemented in the lead-up to The Taken King, but the Crucible doors are being kicked open for folks to try out a bunch of new content in competitive modes.

Starting Sept. 8, the Crucible’s head hancho, Lord Shaxx, will be inviting all comers to try out some new maps and modes. The announcement states that whether you pre-order The Taken King or not, you’ll get a week to see what the upcoming battles have to offer. The free preview will end on Sept. 14, so that gives you a nice window to determine whether or not you want to continue the fight against your fellow Guardians.

I had an opportunity to try out the new Rift game mode at E3 2015 as was pleasantly surprised. I’ve always been a fan of capture the flag modes in competitive shooters and Rift is Destiny’s take on that constant tug-of-war. Players battle for a common ball of light and simply need to reach their opponent’s scoring zone to earn a point. And you don’t just drop off that ball of light, either. Your Guardian will leap into the air and slam it down, shaking the screens of anyone standing nearby.

But the Crucible preview event won’t be the only thing worth checking out come Sept. 8, as that’s the date when a massive patch will change the face of Destiny forever. You’ll need around 20 gigabytes of space to install this bad boy, so here’s hoping you’ve got some extra room on your hard drive. We’ve reported on the many changes coming to Destiny via Update 2.0 in the past, and this is the time when all of those alterations will go live.

From the way your character levels to the inclusion of a Quest system, new storage options, additional space for Bounties, changes to currencies and way, way more, this patch will pave the way to year two for Destiny and, one week later on Sept. 15, the arrival of The Taken King itself.

This is actually a super smart move on the part of Bungie. Even if things go wrong for your console or servers on Sept. 8, there’s a full week to get this massive patch downloaded and ready to roll so you can jump straight into the action once the new DLC arrives.

There’s quite a bit to digest, so we suggest you check out that original blog post to make sure you’re ready for all of the changes.

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